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Photos of Lyon Through My Lens: A City Told in Images

As a passionate photographer, every moment captured through my lens becomes a story frozen in time. Among the cities that inspired and shaped me artistically, Lyon holds a special place. City of lights, contrasts and history, Lyon offers an endless palette of photographic subjects that inspired me to explore its cobbled streets, dynamic neighborhoods and iconic monuments.

The Lights of the Peninsula

In the heart of Lyon, the Presqu'île reveals itself in all its splendor. The lights of shops, cafes and theaters create a vibrant atmosphere. The reflections on the Rhône add a touch of magic to each shot. My photos capture the unique energy of this place where history meets modernity.

Photo of the Saône, Croix Rousse and the Saint Vincent footbridge, Lyon

The streets of Old Lyon

Getting lost in the cobbled streets of Old Lyon is a journey back in time. The medieval facades, the mysterious traboules and the warm colors inspire me at every street corner. Every detail, every shadow tells a story that transcends time. Lyon reveals its ancient charm through my photographs, freezing the moment for eternity.

Photo of Place de la Trinité, Vieux Lyon

Croix-Rousse, the Bohemian Soul

Croix-Rousse, the slopes district, is a living canvas. The murals, artists' studios and bohemian ambiance captivate the camera. Each photo becomes a celebration of the creativity that emanates from this hill, where art and life mingle in a unique symbiosis.

Photo of a flowering tree on the stairs in Croix-Rousse, Lyon

The banks of the Rhône, between nature and urbanity

The banks of the Rhône offer a peaceful respite from the hustle and bustle of the city. The quays, parks and passers-by become fascinating subjects. Lyon reveals itself as a city where nature and urbanity coexist harmoniously, creating visual compositions that tell a story of balance and contrasts.

Photo of the Berges du Rhone, Lyon

The Hills of Fourvière, Between History and Panorama

Fourvière dominates Lyon, guardian of its history. The Roman remains, the Notre-Dame de Fourvière Basilica and the panoramic gardens offer unique perspectives. My photos seek to capture the grandeur of this site, revealing the richness of Lyon's heritage in breathtaking visual compositions.

Conclusion: Lyon, My Open Air Museum

As a photographer, Lyon is my open-air museum, an infinite source of visual inspiration. Each photo tells of my intimate relationship with this city, the emotions it awakens in me, and the stories it allows me to share. Through my lens, Lyon becomes a symphony of lights, shadows and colors, a work of art in perpetual motion.

Photo of the Lafayette bridge and the Rhone, Lyon - Black & White

Explore my gallery and follow my gaze through my photos of Lyon , because each image is an invitation to discover this extraordinary city through my photographer's eyes. Lyon, an inexhaustible source of inspiration, continues to surprise and amaze me, and it is with passion that I share these visual moments with the world.

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