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The Moon, Mount Viso and the Basilica of Superga by photographer Valerio Minato

The astronomy image of the day for December 23, 2023, taken by Italian photographer Valerio Minato , is a true masterpiece. It shows a perfect alignment between the Basilica of Superga, Mount Viso and the crescent moon.

A rare alignment

This alignment occurs regularly, approximately every six years. It is caused by the rotation of the Earth and the Moon around the Sun.

A difficult shot

Shooting this image was not easy. Valerio Minato must have planned his move for years. He first learned that this alignment occurs regularly, approximately every six years. He then looked for the best place to photograph it.

The Basilica of Superga, located about ten kilometers from Turin , was the ideal place. It offers breathtaking views of Mount Viso, one of the highest peaks in the Alps.

The photographer then had to wait for the right moment. He tried five times in six years, but time was not kind. Finally, ten days ago, the sky was clear and he was able to make his dream come true.

The ashen light

The exposure was long, which helped capture the ashen light on the top of the moon. This light is in fact terrestrial light reflected by the moon. It is also called "Da Vinci glow" because it was Leonardo da Vinci who was the first to explain it.

Valerio Minato, a passionate photographer

Valerio Minato is an Italian photographer born in 1975. He has been passionate about mountains since he was very young. He likes to travel the Alps in search of unique landscapes and lights.

He is self-taught and learned photography through training in the field. He started out photographing landscapes and animals, but quickly became interested in astrophotography.

He has won numerous awards for his photography, including the Best Mountain Photographer in Italy award in 2020. His works have been exhibited in numerous galleries and museums around the world.


This image is a real success. It is both beautiful and technically perfect. It shows the passion and talent of Valerio Minato, a photographer who knows how to capture the most magical moments of nature.

The Moon, Mount Viso and the Basilica of Superga by photographer Valerio Minato
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