Envolées de Méduses à Palawan avec Pierre Thiaville - Alu Art Mountains

Jellyfish flights in Palawan with Pierre Thiaville

Aerial Exploration in the Heart of Strange Beauty:

Dive into the mystical waters of Palawan, Philippines, with photographer Pierre Thiaville and his drone capturing an astonishing multitude of jellyfish. The video, accessible here , offers a unique aerial perspective on this intriguing phenomenon.

In late March, Thiaville captured thousands of jellyfish in Corong Corong Bay in El Nido. The video, captivating from the first images, reveals a captivating dance of these marine creatures, ignoring any notion of social distancing.

The video description highlights the scientific uncertainty surrounding this phenomenon. Researchers are still wondering whether climate, warming waters or deoxygenation are at the origin of these swarms of jellyfish. This video thus becomes a window into a mystery of nature, an attempt to understand why some years see thousands of jellyfish, while other years they are rare.

Pierre Thiaville, through his captivating art, transports us to an enigmatic underwater world. His skillful use of the drone allows us to fly over this fascinating scene, revealing the alien beauty of these delicate creatures.

Explore this video for an immersive experience, a virtual escape to the depths of the ocean where nature unfolds its mysteries. The aerial images of Thiaville invite us to reflect on the fragility of our marine ecosystem and to celebrate the astonishing diversity of marine life.

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